Domain of the Forsaken

Trouble in the Forest

Is the innkeeper trying to poison you?

8th of Planting, AY 216

Having run into each other several times in the recent past, Arvin, Meliane, Malak, Nevis, and Ulv found themselves meeting once against near the town of Bedellac. Though they all had their own reasons to be there, they were called to action shortly after meeting as the town came under the attack of a small band of Orcs.

The group slew the Orcs but several of them were severely injured in the process. They were brought to the healer’s hut and treated, before being approached by the the town’s mayor. His suspicions were allayed by the healer, and he decided to raise a collection from the village to investigate an increasing Orc presence to the south.

The party spent some time interacting with the village, and learned that most of the fighting age people had been conscripted for a war. They also stumbled into the village’s most experienced hunter, Kibarac, who was preparing to bury his daughter. Kibarac blamed the party, but Nevis calmed him down.

As the group finished investigating, they settled in for the night, intending to head out again the next day and track down the orcs.



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