Domain of the Forsaken

Exodus from Bedellac

Should we retreat? Nah. It'll be fine.

The party slept as soon as they finished speaking with Grint, collapsing with exhaustion in the tree homes of Bedellac.

When they woke several hours later, Ulv and Arvin found themselves in the empty village. The sky was mysteriously dark, and when they tried to wake up their companions they were unable to do so. Ulv climbed a nearby tree to see further around, and spotted a glowing shape to the north of the village. As they approached it, a voice boomed out and called on them to approach. The shape was the glowing bulk of Uras the Great Bear Spirit. He told the two of them that there was something unnatural happening in the forest, and that they needed to investigate. He pointed them to a sorceress known as Sava Metissia, who lived in Taren’s Ferry.

Arvin asked Uras about Eothas, his master who betrayed him. Uras said that Eothas betrayed his vows. He had nothing more to say on the subject. Although they had more questions, they suddenly woke up, and realized that they had been dreaming.

The party spent some time gathering materials that they would need from the village. Then they set out, and caught up with the village soon afterwards. The people of Bedellac were stretched out along the road.

The party spent some time helping the people, raising their spirits, gathering food and fuel. That night Nevis provided music with Arvin to sooth the people.

The next morning the party set out with the village. As they traveled, Kibarac’s hunters found a set of recent tracks. The party went out to investigate, and Arvin was able to identify the tracks as four trolls. The tracks split nearby, with some of them disappearing and reappearing sometime later. The group followed the split tracks and killed two trolls in a desperate battle.



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