Welcome to Domain of the Forsaken, a decaying world struggling to continue without the gods. Domain of the Forsaken has several core concepts, mostly defined by the players during world creation through a game of Microscope:

The gods have forsaken the collected peoples of the world. Although their influence, power, and attention still lingers, they no longer play a direct role in current events.

Dragons play a significant role, both in history and in the contemporary world. Many many years ago the dragons subjugated the other races of the world and ruled as though they were gods. Their grip was eventually broken, but many of the old dragons still rule smaller kingdoms and influence world events. Many modern cults still believe that dragons are divine.

The Imperial Arcanum, an organization originally founded by the Elves in the wake of the departure of the Gods, rules much of the world. They are hated and feared by most of the other races of the world. Those feelings have spread to encompass Elves in general as well.

Adventure Log
Session 1
Trouble in the Forest
Session 2
The Burning of Heddrick’s Hold

Domain of the Forsaken

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