Domain of the Forsaken

Exodus from Bedellac
Should we retreat? Nah. It'll be fine.

The party slept as soon as they finished speaking with Grint, collapsing with exhaustion in the tree homes of Bedellac.

When they woke several hours later, Ulv and Arvin found themselves in the empty village. The sky was mysteriously dark, and when they tried to wake up their companions they were unable to do so. Ulv climbed a nearby tree to see further around, and spotted a glowing shape to the north of the village. As they approached it, a voice boomed out and called on them to approach. The shape was the glowing bulk of Uras the Great Bear Spirit. He told the two of them that there was something unnatural happening in the forest, and that they needed to investigate. He pointed them to a sorceress known as Sava Metissia, who lived in Taren’s Ferry.

Arvin asked Uras about Eothas, his master who betrayed him. Uras said that Eothas betrayed his vows. He had nothing more to say on the subject. Although they had more questions, they suddenly woke up, and realized that they had been dreaming.

The party spent some time gathering materials that they would need from the village. Then they set out, and caught up with the village soon afterwards. The people of Bedellac were stretched out along the road.

The party spent some time helping the people, raising their spirits, gathering food and fuel. That night Nevis provided music with Arvin to sooth the people.

The next morning the party set out with the village. As they traveled, Kibarac’s hunters found a set of recent tracks. The party went out to investigate, and Arvin was able to identify the tracks as four trolls. The tracks split nearby, with some of them disappearing and reappearing sometime later. The group followed the split tracks and killed two trolls in a desperate battle.

Lord Elrond and the Long March
How bad could Pixie luck magic really be?

The party spent the next night camped a few miles north of the remnants of Heddrick’s Hold. The next morning they argued for some time on the proper course of action, but eventually decided to try and track down the group of Elves whose tracks they had found earlier. Setting off to the north, they were able to keep a good pace without having to carefully follow a set of tracks.

After several hours with Arvin leading the way, he suddenly realized he was being watched. A group of pixies appeared out of the underbrush and challenged him. He told them that him and his companions were no threat, and the pixies flew back to find the rest of the party. Malak heard the approaching sounds of flight and immediately thought that they were giant hornets from the mountains. The party panicked and ran towards Arvin.

The pixies used small spears and arrows tipped with a paralyzing poison, and Malak was struck. He crashed to the ground while the rest of the party tried to figure out what was happening. Eventually Arvin was able to explain what was happening, and the party was brought to the Pixie’s home to meet with their King.

In a hollow dug out of a Tower Tree the King’s Court awaited their arrival. The hollow was barely 4 feet tall, and the members of the party had to crouch down and crawl in. Ulv refused to even attempt it, and contented himself with shouting into enclave when needed.

The king of the pixies, Lord Elrond, was fat and indolent, and perhaps senile. He didn’t see the danger of the Orcs coming until the party pressed the reality that Sharpfang was coming as well. The king explained that their village could not be moved without moving the Heart of the Tree, which would require a Manna Stone. These stones could be traded for, or found in the Great Spine mountains to the west.

The party said that if they found a stone they would return, but that they couldn’t promise it would be possible. They urged the king to send his warriors to look for a stone as well. As they left the king offered to give them the Boon of the Pixies. The court wizard led them out, and explained that the Boon would last 2 weeks, but could be made permanent. He stated that if they were to betray the Pixies they would regret it.

Ulv and Arvin refused to receive this boon, but Mel, Malak and Nevis decided to receive it. The pixie wizard led them deeper into the village, and they each began to feel light headed, and to see streaks of color as they turned their heads. Eventually the wizard brought them to a great tree, and in the center was a glowing point of light. The wizard and several other pixies brought each forward one at a time, and flew in ritualistic patterns that formed glowing runes in front of their eyes. After each sequence of patterns, the member of the party who had stepped forward lost consciousness.

Several hours later they woke up, and joined the other members of the party who had been waiting. They bid the Pixies farewell, and headed towards the north until nightfall. At this point they discussed what to do, and decided to press on through the night to reach Bedellac as soon as possible. They arrived near the village at 5 in the morning, just in time to catch a group of Orcs that were about to attack the town. The town’s watchtowers spotted the Orcs, and many townspeople came to fight the Orcs.

The party waited until the Orcs were engaged before charging forward. With the help of the town they killed most of the Orcs and the two Wargs that were with them. The townspeople fell back to their wall, where Kibarac jumped up and fired arrows down into the Orcs below. The remaining Orcs ran and were cut down by a wave of arrows. The town had been saved, and they cheered the party, though many were still in shock from the 12 additional deaths they had suffered.

The party spoke with Grint and Lapenn, and confirmed that they were still going to be leaving to the north. They gathered their reward and told the leaders of the village that they would be following soon after they took some time to sleep.

The Burning of Heddrick's Hold
So uhhh... You gonna hide from the dragon?

9th of Planting, AY 216

The party rested for the night, and the next morning they gathered their things and prepared to head south, intent on investigating the Orc raids. They found Grint and convinced him that the town needed some fortifications in the form of a ditch and palisade wall. He was reluctant but eventually agreed. Then they finalized their preparations, got some medicine and food from the town, and headed south with Kibarac. Kibarac and Arvin followed the Orc’s trail to the south for several hours down a small river stream.

Eventually they heard sounds nearby, and found a group of Goblins and an Orc. The battle started before they were ready as Arvin tripped on a branch, but they made short work of their enemies. They interrogated three Goblins, but got little information as the Goblins simply followed the orders of the Orcs. The group debated what to do with the Goblins but eventually Arvin executed them all. Ulv was not comfortable with this and walked a short distance away.

The group continued south before making camp. During the night they were beset by wolves lead by two Wargs. They climbed into nearby trees, firing and slashing downwards, until Mel ran down a branch, flipping behind the group to cover them with flames from her Burning Hands. She survived the counter attack and the rest of the wolves ran off after the Wargs were killed. The group bedded down again, and nothing else bothered them.

The next day they travelled for several more hours before coming upon tracks. Arvin investigated them and was sure that the tracks were Elven. The group debated but eventually decided to continue onward instead of tracking down the Elves. Kibarac informed them that they were getting close to Heddrick’s Hold, but as they closed in on its location they could see smoke rising into the sky. A mighty roar filled the air and a Blue Dragon bursted into the sky. It started to circle the area and scan nearby, and although Ulv was petrified for a second, the group quickly dashed to cover. The mighty creature finished its sweep and flew off to the south. Arvin’s crow had spoken of the ‘great blue bird’, and some information from the Goblins begins to make more sense. They discuss and Kibarac is sent back to the village to warn them to flee, a dragon being far too dangerous to fight.

Unsure of how to proceed, they allowed Arvin to scout ahead. He spotted several bluffs where Orcs were likely hiding near the Hold. They skirted around the northeast side, trying to find a weak point to get more information. As they advanced they heard a patrol marching off to the east out of the Hold. They followed it, and killed one of the Orcs that wandered back. Eventually, after allowing them to get far away enough that they wouldn’t be heard, they ambushed one of them by mimicking the voice of the first one they killed, then defeated the rest. They intimidated the surviving Orc leader and foundnd out that the dragon they saw was Sharpfang Frostfear, daughter of Kasteel Frostfear. Apparently their tribe leader, Garome One-Eye, had made a deal of some kind with Kasteel, and Sharpfang is here to assist with their goal. At least 24 more Orcs were in the Hold, more than they could probably deal with.

They finished off the Orc and considered what to do next.

Trouble in the Forest
Is the innkeeper trying to poison you?

8th of Planting, AY 216

Having run into each other several times in the recent past, Arvin, Meliane, Malak, Nevis, and Ulv found themselves meeting once against near the town of Bedellac. Though they all had their own reasons to be there, they were called to action shortly after meeting as the town came under the attack of a small band of Orcs.

The group slew the Orcs but several of them were severely injured in the process. They were brought to the healer’s hut and treated, before being approached by the the town’s mayor. His suspicions were allayed by the healer, and he decided to raise a collection from the village to investigate an increasing Orc presence to the south.

The party spent some time interacting with the village, and learned that most of the fighting age people had been conscripted for a war. They also stumbled into the village’s most experienced hunter, Kibarac, who was preparing to bury his daughter. Kibarac blamed the party, but Nevis calmed him down.

As the group finished investigating, they settled in for the night, intending to head out again the next day and track down the orcs.


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